NCLTEC Point-Of-Sale

An easy to use, inexpensive and full featured Point-of-Sale (POS) software. Point-of-Sale is a computer cash register system that can speed up the sales process for your customers. NCLTEC POS is compatible with touch screen terminals and barcode scanners that helping to save time on and preventing errors on sales process.

Fully integrated with our NCLTEC ACCOUNTING software which included modules such as Accounting, Sales & Purchases as well as Inventory. Now, your Point-of-Sale can do so much more.

Our POS system offers several useful features such as multiple payment gateways, easy returns and refunds as well as hold bills. These features can help you manage your business in neat and timely manner because we understand that time waits for no man.

You don't have to worry about data intrusion because our Point-of-Sale system takes pride in protecting your data through secure encryption, multi-level user access control and automatic data backup.

Designed to fit perfectly with gadgets of the century, smartphones and tablets, our Point-of-Sales system gives you the flexibility to run your business, especially the hectic ones, your way and still looking classy while doing so.

Use our Point-of-Sale system conveniently with any stardard POS hardware such as printers, cash drawers and barcode scanner. Because we know that even a POS needs to fit in.

Our POS system is GST-ready and has been approved by the Royal Customs of Malaysia. So, fret not because we got you covered on this.

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